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VIBO one card
First 3G Prepaid card in Taiwan
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VIBO one card is a rechargeable prepaid card with no annual contract and no monthly bill. When the original call charge is exhausted before the last valid starting date, you can buy a recharge card to add extra value.
VIBO one Prepaid Card

VIBO one Recharge Card

Customer Service
For any questions, please dial 537 or dial 0986000537 to call center for inquiry.
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Special Notice
1.Please check the last valid starting date marked on the packing when you purchase the card. You must begin its use on or before this cut off date.
2.After starting use of the card, please use it within the specified duration. Failure to recharge within the specified period or starting later than the last starting date will render the card invalid. In such a case, VIBO is not liable to replace, supplement.
3.VIBO does not return the balance due to improper use or loss of card. You can however request a new replacement card.
4.Taiwan's governmental National Communication Commission requires that you show your identification certificate when purchasing prepaid cards. Please also fill out the Prepaid Card Application Form in detail, so as to safeguard your interests.
5.International roaming is not allowed under this service. No bill will be sent and no applications for changes will be accepted.
6.All the tariffs are subject to the latest announcement upon approval form the Taiwan's governmental National Communication Commission without prior notice.
7.The calling and receiving range of the mobile phone is limited to the transmitting and receiving range of wave of Vibo's mobile phone base stations and any affiliated networks.
8.In case of interference not attributable to us or beyond our control, you may not claim damages or compensation against VIBO.
9.Any change of service content will be posted in our web page:
10.This service is for use with 3G WCDMA handsets.
Customer Service: 0800-66-1234
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