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Company Overview
VIBO, has established since April 2000, is part of a unique vertical integrated telecommunication group, which is comprised with various strong entities, including Kinpo Electronics, Compal Electronics, Compal Communications, Inc., SaveCom, Inc., Teleport Access Services, Inc., and PC Home, etc. With full reachable resources of Taiwan's communication products, the composite groups are capable of providing comprehensive mobile services vertically.

Further, has awarded 2.1GHz WCDMA 3G license in February 2002, VIBO has aimed to lead the Taiwan 3G market to integrate 3G service into daily life with superior network quality, innovative products and better services companying with advanced wireless technologies.

Stepping forward, VIBO, a pure 3G service operator, has launched its 3G network across Taiwan in December, 2005 to provide subscribers with advanced broadband capabilities and 3G multi-media services. Upon its launch, VIBO has offer one innovative pricing plan with slogan “On-Net/Off-net one price”. Short after, the pricing framework has also been followed up by other incumbents. Within three months of operation, VIBO has successfully obtained 100,000 subscribers to be the leader in Taiwan 3G market. In addition, VIBO consists on offering latest technologies for its subscribers, including wireless surveillance system, 3-way video calls, interactive multimedia platform and innovative life customer services, aiming to speed up Taiwan 3G wireless telecommunication development as a whole.

VIBO shares the same set of core cultural values with its parent companies, Kinpo and Compal, these are:? “Transcendence”, “Sincerity” and “Harmony”. In essence, these core values will guide us to achieve outstanding results to the satisfaction of our clients, suppliers, shareholders, partners and employees.

“Transcendence” : VIBO intends to provide optimized system coverage, first-rate network quality, strongest research & development technology, effective operating management, excellent customer services, aiming to become the preferred operator compared to other companies.

“Sincerity” : We treat all of its customers, vendors and employees with sincerity and respect. VIBO is fully dedicated and committed to its customers at any time. We shall provide the widest range of services, and coordinate our efforts in research and design, in order to satisfy our customers’ different needs.

“Harmony” : VIBO focuses on team work and expects every member to regard the Company as a big family, communicating with each respectfully and professionally in order to achieve the biggest efficiency.

Looking forward, VIBO has been aiming on continuously offering innovative and diversified 3G mobile multimedia services to join even more convenience into every customer’s life with 3G service. Furthermore, to reach the goal of No.1 3G operator in Taiwan.
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